Camobus is a multimedia project studio encased in a 40 foot single deck coach. It was designed and built to cater for a wide range of applications; the bus is the embodiment of a multitude of ideas – it can be transformed quickly to facilitate either sleeping, hospitality, production, broadcasting, showcasing, educational space, work space or empty space.

It is available right now!


The CamoBus


CamoBus is driven and managed by @StudioSteve, a professional PSV licence holder who has gained a wealth of experience within filming, touring, writing and showcasing music based creativity. The Bus comes with professional crew who understand your needs and are ready to get the show on the road.


Our sister is running an ongoing TV show that uses the CamoBus for the show, this summer the Bus will have limited allocation slots for external booking hire – please give us as much notice as possible!


Ideal for:
  • Transportation of equipment and people
  • Hospitality/VIP
  • Film production unit
  • OB Unit
  • Mobile advertisement board
  • Video capture and broadcast
  • Showcasing
  • Crew area



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